Hi! My name is Floral, my pronouns are she/her and they/them. I'm gay, trans, latine and this is my portfolio.I specialize in character design, pixel art, small animations (mostly, well, in pixels) and, occasionally, simple scenes with some props. For my regular art, I use MediBang and for pixel art, Aseprite.I'm also an indie game developer working on a project called MOACIR! Check on my LINKS to find me elsewhere.FAIR WARNING: some of my works contain blood, body horror and partial nudity, visualize at your own discretion.

Busts = 20 USD
+ 5 USD for extra character

Half Bodies = 25 USD
+ 10 USD for extra character

Full Bodies = 35 USD
+ 15 USD for extra character

I'm not willing to work with you if you have anything to do with NFT's, do not contact me.
Expect me to charge more for illustrations of real people, very detailed designs and/or backgrounds. Same for animated pixel art.
Contact me via email at [email protected] (not the same as my PayPal), Discord at flowershape#7945, or through my other platforms.


  • furries

  • PG13 suggestive/risqué

  • unreality

  • soft gore/body horror

  • fanart and fan characters, depending which fandom


  • quadrupedal animals (unless it's a chibi style)

  • heavy gore

  • nsfw

  • anything predatory or bigoted

  • i'll be vocal if something specific makes me uncomfortable or beyond my capabilities.

For more details, here's my ToS.